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The awesome generative art used to create this website.

Funding news.

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generative art

The artwork used throughout this site comes from the Behance portfolios of artists Jon Noorlander and Janusz Jurek. Both artists produce 3d digital sculptures in part using generative design—i.e. algorithms that shape their creations. Noorlander does the abstract shapes; Jurek the bird and hands.

We then used photoshop’s ‘content aware fill’ function, which also uses algorithms, in this case ones that draw directly on machine learning, to spread out the background pattern to create enough space for the site design.

Don’t be fooled—even photoshop raises a lot of ethical issues! But the interplay between artist and algorithm in generative art is an interesting analogue for the same interplay that takes place between people and programs in morally loaded choices.

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funding news

As of December 19, the HMI project is an officially funded ANU Grand Challenge program. Total funding up to AUD8m over 5 years.

We will be launching in 2019: watch this space.

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