Call for ANU PhD’s in philosophy, computer science, or social sciences


Applications close 31 October 2019

Machine intelligence will be one of the defining technologies of the 21st century. It promises to realise tremendous social benefits, but also carries serious risks. ANU has opportunities for PhD scholarships associated with the Humanising Machine Intelligence (HMI) Grand Challenge project, which unites philosophy, computer science, and the social sciences in the pursuit of machine intelligence that embodies and promotes democratically legitimate values ('moral machine intelligence').

We invite applications to join the project through the ANU PhD programs in computer science, philosophy, political science and international relations, or sociology. HMI PhD students will develop expertise in their home discipline, but will also build the wider skill set necessary to advance moral machine intelligence.

The HMI project is deeply collaborative, with weekly whole-of-team meetings, seminars, reading groups, and planned retreats. You would have the opportunity to engage in research with external partners, and to visit our collaborators at leading universities around the world.

A PhD with HMI will provide you with the disciplinary foundations to pursue a career in research and teaching at the world's leading universities. But it will also position you to transition to industry or government.

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We seek candidates with deep foundations in at least one of the cognate disciplines underpinning the project, with an enthusiasm for cross-disciplinary work, and a commitment to ensuring that the AI systems that we develop advance values that we all endorse.

Read more about this exciting opportunity here

If interested, you should reach out to one of the CIs on the HMI project in the first instance. They can then guide and support you through the application process, including the development and refinement of suitable projects. We are very keen to develop these collaboratively, so if you have an idea that you think fits within the remit of HMI, please reach out (deadline 31 October).

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